Dave Knapik Photography at the 2012 Verge Art Fair NYC

The 2012 Verge Art Fair opens tonight at 159 Bleecker Street in New York City. I will be showing a selection of my photos, including my latest work with the Impossible Project’s integral film for Polaroid cameras. My friends Leif, Maja, Edmund and Adam are showing as well. We’re all in the basement, so if you’re in NYC, come check us out, and take in all the amazing work on the two other floors of the space, too!

Tonight’s opening runs from 6pm until 10pm and admission is $10. The show runs through Sunday, May 6. A preview of the work I have on display can be seen below.

[flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157629593082882"]

Touch Radio 64 and 74

I’ve been so remiss in posting lately that I’ve not only had the honor of contributing a photograph to Touch Radio 64, but the just-released Touch Radio 74 as well. The former is a fascinating field recording of the songs of wolves by Yannick Dauby, whilst the latter is a piece by one of my favorite electronic musicians, CM von Hausswolff.

Please take the time to listen and enjoy these recent instalments in a fantastic podcast series. You can subscribe to Touch Radio via iTunes or you can stream all episodes directly from the Touch iPhone app (which I helped make—sorry that I still haven’t posted about that!).

Many thanks to Mike Harding for his continued encouragement of my artistic pursuits as well as to Jon Wozencroft for always having been a visual inspiration to me.

Dave Knapik Photography at Chicago Artists Month

October is Chicago Artists Month and I’m participating in two East Pilsen shows this weekend, October 1–3. The first is located at 2003 S. Halsted Street and is organized by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the Chicago Arts District and Gapers Block. I have two 11″ x 14″ photographs in this show and share the space with loads of other talented local artists. The second will be held in The Ministry of Caps at 732 W. 19th Street, #3R and features several of my photographs along with a selection of jewelry from Bees on Toast. Both shows occur simultaneously, but are within a five minute walk of each other. Friday, October 1 is the opening night party from 6pm to 10pm, but the show continues on Saturday, October 2 and Sunday, October 3 from 12pm to 7pm.

Please come and visit these shows, bring friends and take the opportunity to see my neighborhood. All the galleries in this art district will be open, so once you’ve seen my work, I encourage you to spend time experiencing the talents my neighbors have to offer.

I’m Learning Adobe Illustrator And I Made A Scary Yet Highly Stylized Zombie

Corporate Zombie

I’ve almost finished consuming everything that the brilliant has to teach me about Adobe Illustrator CS5. As I just learned about Live Trace this week, expect to see an excessive display of tacky photo-based illustrations from me in the near future. I’ll start with this scary zombie I made based on a stock photo of a corporate businesswoman who has rather unfortunately come to dominate many of my daylight hours. Now she can walk the nightmares I have whilst sleeping as well as the ones I have as I bang my head against my desk 37.5 hours each week.


Download as a desktop background (1440 x 900)

I’m Learning Adobe Illustrator And I Made A Rude Badge

My adventures in learning Illustrator continue! Today I learned how to create text that follows a path. I used my newly acquired powers to create a badge that is very rude indeed. It swears. Twice.

I’m Learning Adobe Illustrator And I Made A Dinosaur

After finally admitting to myself that knowing Photoshop rather well doesn’t mean you also probably, kinda-sorta know Illustrator automatically, I’ve decided to take the plunge and teach myself Illustrator. Behold! My first creation! It’s a fucking bad-ass dinosaur, bitches!

Dave Knapik Has A Tumblr And It Has Unicorns!

It’s true! I have my very own Tumblr site and, thanks to Rin, it has unicorns! I don’t update this blog nearly as much as I’d like to, but I often find images, videos and sound clips that I’d like to share. These small bits seem awkward as full blog posts, but are perfectly suited for Tumblr. I hope you continue to come here, but that you also check out the more frequently updated, miniblog-like scrapbookesque monster I keep there. Cheers!