Join In The Chant

Yesterday was Blog Action Day. For those who missed it, which I assume is everyone who doesn’t live in a bloggerati bubble, Blog Action Day was designed to be a day of activism for bloggers. One issue would be chosen for all bloggers to write about and somehow if every blogger in the world wrote about that one issue on the chosen day, everything would sprout a piece of awesome out its head (or its arse).

This year’s chosen cause was The Environment, which is good because global warming troubles me. I feel bad that I failed to write about it, but it looks like everyone else did a good job because it’s a mild 15 degrees outside today. Well done!

The best part about Blog Action Day was that bloggers didn’t have to do anything difficult or even different to what they do every day: they just had to sit on their fat arses and write. There was no imperative for bloggers to lead by example and do even a small thing to help the environment, they just had to sit back and tell everyone else to do it. Wait, why did I miss this again?

The tagline on the Blog Action Day site asks,

What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day?
One issue. One day. Thousands of voices.

I reckon that the same thing would be said in about a few thousand different ways, a bit like a bad cover version of a song that once held a deep meaning for you, but lost it after you heard it limply regurgitated once too many times.

I’m sorry to be so cynical about what could be seen as a great consciousness-raising activity, but I can’t help but think that everyone’s efforts would be better spent actually doing something to help the environment besides writing about it on blogs. Start recycling! Use your car less and walk or bike more! Turn off your computer and save some electricity?

Does it count if I Twitter about the environment, or is the extent to which I saved the environment directly proportional to my word count?