Kim Gordon And The Strength Of Street Knowledge

I just learned about the death of Tony Wilson and so I’m going through a range of emotions. One of these led me to look for some of his old television clips on YouTube. I found this one of him interviewing Sonic Youth, and although the date is not given, one can easily assume that it’s from the mid-to-late 80s:

The highlight is Kim Gordon on hiphop, "We like it because it isn't disco, because it comes from the streets, you know, it came from the streets and was brought into the clubs, whereas disco... it was made for the club, whereas rap wasn't."

I would try to point out the logical holes in this, but there are so many that I think it would give us all aneurysms. I hope she was high when she said this.

Meanwhile, feminist Thurston Moore adds, "The American disco was a 70s white bitch kind of cocaine thing." This, of course, is not cool because 70s white bitches are not street. Cocaine, however...

I'm still searching for Tony Wilson television appearances, most specifically old episodes of "So It Goes" (and not, like, the weather from 15 May 1978). If you know where I can watch these punk treasures, please let me know. Alternatively, I'll also accept videos of Kim Gordon pulling half-baked commentary out of her arse as a worthy substitute.