Mootion Stickness

When I first was introduced to Moo MiniCards, I fell in love with them instantly. At last there was a way to give someone my contact information after meeting them without having to resort to a boring corporate business card that says nothing about me and my life. Well, that, and my company doesn’t let me have business cards because I’d probably get jam all over them anyway, and then they’d be sticky in a bad way, unlike sticky in a good way, which is what…

Moo StickerBooks are!

For only £5 you get 90 high-quality glossy stickers, all bound in a protective book so that they don’t get all fucked up in your bag when you’re toting them about town. In typical Moo fashion, you can either upload photos directly to their web site or have Moo pull them from your Flickr account. Turnaround time for an order is about 10 days, which is really just splendid, but for geeks like me it can start to feel like centuries of waiting. I highly suggest placing an order for several books, because once they arrive, you’ll be so happy that the wait is over you’ll blow through 90 stickers in no time.

So what did I make stickers of for my first batch of books? First up, we have MooTube:

MooTube Stickers

These same 6 stickers repeat for all 15 pages of this book and are taken from my photos of London Underground seat cushion upholstery patterns. Moving left to right on the top row we have the District Line, Circle Line and Northern Line, while on the bottom row there’s the Victoria Line, District Line and Metropolitan Line. Some of these patterns make appearances on other lines, but these are the locations where I snapped them.

My favourite must be the Circle Line. I love its 80s splashes of vibrant neon, which are strangely fashionable again. It’s a shame this pattern is restricted to one of my least frequented lines. I quite like the Northern Line pattern as well, which is partly due to familiarity and partly because it resembles a sawtooth wave. I’d love to feed that fabric through a synthesizer and hear the crazy noise it belches out.

Speaking of synthesizers, the other StickerBook I ordered is a homogeneous pack of 90 that pays homage to one of the greatest electronic innovators of all time. His use of the vocoder on the “From Here to Eternity” album shames Kraftwerk. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present…

…Giorgio Moo-roder!!!

Giorgio Moo-roder Stickers (Closer)

The power of his moustache compels you. You will dance and feel good and sexy, from here to eternity, baby.

Overly practical people will ask, “What business use does this all this have?”, because the MiniCards work so nicely as business cards. Thankfully, I think this may have no business use whatsoever and very likely is a 100% life-based fun-increasing tool (sorry, just trying to word it in a way that makes sense to these sad pathological pragmatists).

With three products on offer now, where to for Moo next? I vote for button badges or postcards, but mainly button badges. I’d love to pin Giorgio and my tube patterns to my laptop bag so that I can rock the discothèque during my commute and represent for the Northern Line when I’m up in the club. Please don’t make us wait too long for this wish to come true, Moo!