Snail Mail

It’s no secret that I haven’t been very creatively active lately, but Rin has been overflowing with ideas ever since…. well, I think ever since we first ate okonomiyaki at Abeno several weeks ago. Perhaps that is the secret! It must work differently for different people, because while I do love it (especially with noodles, bacon and cheese), it just makes me happy and sleepy rather than inspired to design cool t-shirts.

And design a cool t-shirt she has! Everyone’s favourite Chicago-based t-shirt company has accepted one of her submissions and released it for voting. If enough of a favourable response is given, they’ll crown her Queen of America and put her face on the ten dollar bill, since no one remembers Alexander Hamilton anyway.

You only have a few days to vote for her, so go do it now! Go to and if you’re not already a user, you may have to register, but it’s easy. Leave a nice comment about her shirt design, tick the box saying that you’ll buy it, and on the scale of 1 to 5, rate it a big fat 5. Also, please go and actually buy it if it wins, because if you don’t you’ll be a liar, and we kick liars square in the nuts.

My Submission