The Village Green Decimation Society

Last Sunday was so dreary and grey that it seemed as good a day as any to break the DJ silence and record my first new mix in years. I wasn’t sure what really would come out when I started, but after all was faded and sliced, I think I picked up right where I left off.

With a newfound love of black metal and a continued affection for minimal drone, I’m happy to present you with almost 35 minutes of the sometimes electronic, always psychedelic, Village Green Decimation Society (right-click link to download or stream in the player below).


Track listing:

Burzum – Spell Of Destruction
ABBA – Arrival
Eric Copeland – Scraps
Eyeless In Gaza – Avenue With Trees
Luboš Fišer – The Sermon
Luboš Fišer – The Visit
Skip Spence – Weighted Down (The Prison Song)
Sewer Election – White Golgotha
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words – Heaven Is The Notion That All This Will End
Steve Bradley – Forces In 2 Dimension
Skull Defekts – Acid Animal
Stephen O’Malley & Z’ev – 14m 10s From 1m From 22s – 1m 22s – 28 Track Submix