You Make Me Feel Free

This past weekend, I sat down to work on my new DJ mix in Ableton Live and instead ended up creating the basis for a new song! Waaa-hey! It’s not ready yet (I’d forgotten how much work goes into producing original music), but when it is you will be the first to know. The only hint I’ll give you about it is that it’s a techno/house track about alligators fucking.

I haven’t abandoned the new mix by any means, but since my archives runneth over I’ve decided to release an old one back into the wild in the meantime. This mix originally aired on March 28, 2002 as part of my The Sound of Confusion programme on the WNUR Rock Show. The noise addicts among you should be particularly interested in the last half-hour, where we travel to Jupiter and beyond the infinite inside the collective mind of three alligators fucking (as witnessed by an Israeli soldier on leave from killing innocent Palestinians, then later recounted here by his Hezbollah concubine).

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The foundations I laid this weekend for my new song led me to think that if you like my mixes, you’d like my songs. The Diary of a Subcultural Refugee podcast will now not only include past and present DJ mixes, but also past and present songs I’ve made. First from the song archives is a hard techno track I made under the name No Love. It’s called “You Make Me Feel Cheap” and gives a stiff kick in the groin to all the haters.

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The Sound of Confusion, March 28, 2002
No Love – “You Make Me Feel Cheap”